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Sekhmet lovers! Have you ever wondered why when you invoke your goddess, she ends up sometimes ignoring you? Have you even felt as though she is actively slighting you? As a former eclectic Neo-Pagan, I can tell you that you really need to pair her up with her gentle counterpart, Hathor, if you want a positive response.

But I love my strong mother goddess! you say. She’s one tough cookie that no man would ever have the balls to mess with!

And you are correct, ma’am! But you seem to have forgotten that Sekhmet is also freaking vengeance incarnate. She was born of the rage of Ra in order to put the wicked in their place, but when she got a taste for human blood, she went a teensy, eensy, smidgeon overboard. Ya know, like nearly wiped out humanity. So unless you’ve got 7,000 bottles of beer to keep her satisfied OR you’re the Pharaoh (and naturally she has to protect your ass), your gonna need Hathor on your Sekhmet shrine to balance out all that fire.

Lemme put this is words you might understand, especially if you have a relative who’s in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom. Let’s say Hathor is Stable Malik, Ra is Malik’s father Mr. Ishtar, and Sekhmet is Dark Malik. Now Dark Malik is also bloodthirsty vengeance incarnate, but instead of killing his old man, he kills all the wicked people, represented by Thief King Bakura and buds, for insulting Old Man Ishtar and plotting against him.

Now seriously, Dark Malik is strong and intimidating and really, who would fuck with this badass motherfucker? I’d like him to be my patron god except for one thing: he takes to his role as vengeance incarnate a teensy, eensy, smidgeon too enthusiastically. He needs to have the reins put on him, or else he’s going to destroy every living thing, and that’s where Stable Malik comes in. But instead of confronting his Sekhmetian side like in the series, Yugi and Friends (representing the other Egyptian gods) get him SUPER TRASHED - I mean, like 7,000 jugs of beer that look and taste like blood. BADDA BING! We’ve got Stable Malik back with the music, singing, dancing, and merry-making.

So remember, my Sekhmet lovers, when you are dealing with the One Before Whom Evil Trembles and Avenger of Wrongs, remember that the Healer of Disease can cause disease; she isn’t called the Lady of Slaughter for nothing; and her hikari Hathor should be included on your shrine for balance. Unless you’ve got the budget for A LOT of beer kegs.

Life, Health, Peace.

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